Fossils and Dinasours

Fossils and Dinosaurs

aquatic animated dinosaur

Dinosaurs and Their Time Periods

The Dino Timeline

The Age of Dinosaurs

Era of the Dinosaurs

Scavenger Hunt Resources

Getting Into the Fossil Record 
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Learn about Dinosaurs

Zoom Dinosaurs
This Enchanted Learning site has lots of information about dinosaurs.

Acanthopholis to Zigongosaurus
Information about dinosaurs listed from A to Z

This site will give you several ideas as to what a dinosaur's lifestyle was like.

Information about dinosaurs

Dinosaur pictures, activities, and games

Click on a time period, then select a dinosaur.

Fossils and Dinosaurs Videos

Learn about this living fossil.

Test Our Your Gaming Skills

Use the clues to put the dinosaurs into the correct periods on our time line

Dinosaurs: Where to Dig
Digging for Fossils

Digging For Dinosaurs
It's time to travel back through time to learn about dinosaurs

Test your dinosaur smarts.

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